Anonymous: "Why?"

because I’m more into 5sos than e3 now and I just feel spontaneous today..

Hey guysssss

It’s Rheana and Justyna, we’re converting this blog to a 5sos imagine blog, so if you wanna unfollow us cause you’re just not into it, that’s gucci, but I guarantee you will wanna cry! 

samrawwoolf: "ahw where r u going im going to miss you ahw can we snapchat and text"

I just think it’s time I move on from tumblr. I need to develop myself rather than waste time blogging about a band I have nearly no interest in any more. 

Of course we can snap and text!

mykeatykat-deactivated20131208: "I'll miss you to even though we didn't talk a lot..... you did help me find people to be friends with i remember because i was that Anon..looking for people to talk helped me :3 so thank you...i will miss you"

Awww! Thank you, sweetie! I’ll miss you too! xxxx

joyeuxkeaton replied to your post: Hey guys,

NO BBY :((


reindrews replied to your post “I really, really, really, don’t wanna lose touch with any of the…”

but what about duck dynasty???? :((((((( there’s a christmas special coming on soon :((((((((((((((((((((((((

We’ll live text it! Okay? We will always be DD besties. xx

tequiladrew replied to your post “awh babe why”

i completely understand. keep in touch okay?

Of course! Text me anytime!!!!

surfinstromberg: "I understand. I can always text you right? /: I still have that pizza I need to perfect. [;"

Yes! Of course! Please text me! I don’t wanna lose friendships over not being on tumblr anymore! 

I really, really, really, don’t wanna lose touch with any of the people I’ve become friends on here. Please don’t hesitate to ask for my number or anything. I’m gonna miss you guys like crazy!